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Front Brake Pads

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:31 am
Post subject: Front Brake Pads

http://1990-Honda-Accord.autoboardz.com/406-Front-Brake-Pads-ftopict171026.html (406 Front Brake Pads)
Hi Anyone know the best place to obtain a set of replacement pads to fit myself? TIA Vaughan
Yes try GSF Carparts.com they should do them. from chris Addlestone Surrey

http://1990-Honda-Accord.autoboardz.com/2003-GS300-front-brake-pads-rotors-ftopict191078.html (2003 GS300 front brake pads and rotors)
hi everyone, At 30,000 miles, the dealer informed me that i need to replace the front brake pads AND rotors. it was ok to replace the pads, but the rotors too? seemed too much at that milage! This is the first time to replace any front brake parts. My question is: is the lifetime of the rotors the..
Mourad: I am assuming that you have not done the brake job yet. If you haven't, what you need to do is ask the dealer to measure the thickness of your rotors. From that information you can dete..
If the rotors need to be replaced at such low mileage the should be warrantee, much to early for normal ware out. I suggest you find a couple good independent brake shops in the area and have them ..
Thanks Mike for you reply, the brake job was already done. i admit i didn't do a good job discussing the problem with the dealer before doing the work! a week after i called the dealer, asked if the..
Thanks KG, unfortunately, the job was already done about 3 weeks ago, only a week after when i felt i've been fooled by the dealer. The car was stopping good, only little shakes/vibration when i pre..

http://1990-Honda-Accord.autoboardz.com/Brake-pads-C5-ftopict167279.html (Brake pads C5)
I'm replacing front pads what should I use? Thaks Vic
See reply to first query. Nobody knows what your objective is.
Ceramic blend..... no squeaky squeaky and much less brake dust. But seat them properly with a series of hard stops to deposit a layer-- Ric Seyler Online Racing: RicSeyler GPL Handicap 6.35 remo..

http://1990-Honda-Accord.autoboardz.com/recommendations-C5-Brake-pads-ftopict167273.html (need recommendations for C5 Brake pads)
I'm changing front brake pads what should i use?
New ones? Seriously, you need to offer a reason you don't want OEM. Way you drive, where you drive, cost considerations, dust considerations, noise? vam wrote:
and, your tolerance for accelerated rotor wear (which you can factor into Bob's "cost" category) -- PJ '89 Hookercar '02 6-spd e-blu coupe
-- Ok, I'll bite. I drive agressively. On highway and paved county roads. Cost is not a consideration. Brake dust is ugly, but acceptable. But I hate the low speed squeal of factory brake pa..
Ok, I'll bite. I drive agressively. On highway and paved county roads. Cost is not a consideration. Brake dust is ugly, but acceptable. But I hate the low speed squeal of factory brake pads on ..

http://1990-Honda-Accord.autoboardz.com/Brake-pads-difference-ftopict235312.html (Brake pads difference)
Hi all: I'm anticipating the front brake pads on my 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid will have to be replaced soon. What's the differences (pros/cons) between semi-metallic and ceramic pads? W hich one should I consider? Does brand names (e.g. Raybestos) really make a difference. Thanks for any input!
Honda OEM (= original equipment manufacturer= the real mccoy) brake pads (1) cost about the same as high quality non-OEM ones (2) do not put out the dust that many non-OEM ones do (3) maybe most i..
If you are concerned about price and if you live in Canada, buy Monroe premium pads at Canadian tire. They often sell the front set for $35. Note that you have to order for a 6CYL Accord as I found ..
honda oem pads don't give you this "option" so why waste time considering? oem works better, costs about the same, and will save you money on disk wear.

http://1990-Honda-Accord.autoboardz.com/man-1997-Sentra-front-brakes-ftopict232854.html (Oh man! 1997 Sentra front brakes)
Just did the front brake pads and rotors on my 1997 Sentra 1.6L vehicle... Who in the world designed the pads with those little springs... You have to take the caliper partially apart, install the pads loose with the "springs from Hell" already clicked in place and then try to re-assemble the c..
"Joe" wrote in Yeah,that's not fun. hey,at least your caliper pins weren't frozen solid like mine were. I had to replace the left-side caliper bracket,pins,and new boots. (2003 SE-R SpecV) But at ..
Sounds like you got a lemon... I'll trade you my 1997 standard Sentra for that trouble-ridden, non-gas efficient monster... er... vehicle. Smile Joe in Northern, NJ - V#8013-R Currently Riding Th..
"Joe" wrote in Lemon;yes,maybe. believe me,you wouldnt want it.I have a worn left lower ball joint,a bad right CV joint,and CEL light with a fast idle code set. there's also a recall to have the..
(description clipped) I could get a fortune for that car in Philly, Paterson, Newark, etc. It's a highly desirable look in good condition compared to some vehicles I've seen in those areas. All ..

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