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The Sound System

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Joined: Jun 22, 2011
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:19 am
Post subject: The Sound System

http://1992-Honda-Accord.autoboardz.com/Removing-radio-2001-Accord-ftopict189233.html (Removing radio in 2001 Accord)
I have a 2001 Accord VP so it has the sound system upgrade. Fuse pulling and battery disconnecting to check for any electrical problem has caused the radio anti-theft device to reset so now I have to enter the 5 digit code to get it working again. Alas, I bought the car used and the previous owne..
Second question first: the dealer doesn't need to keep the serial number on file. The radios can move from car to car, so it would be fruitless. That being said, my salesman keeps all my radio ..
Thanks. Luckily it didn't need to come to that. The service person at another dealer was much more helpful than the ones at the place where the car was purchased. I knew about possible sticker pla..
==================== I write the code inside the fuse box cover, and inside the owner's manual. It's five digits long. It may be on a sticker in the glove box or even under the hood. 'Curly' =======..
yep, I found the sticker inside the fusebox cover. I wonder why they put it commonly in the glovebox. I know thieves try to work as quickly as possible just to get the radio but they could just t..

http://1992-Honda-Accord.autoboardz.com/Subwoofer-standard-Focus-radio-CD-ftopict197495.html (Subwoofer for standard Focus radio/CD?)
The sound system is adequate but not great. Has anyone out there added a subwoofer to their existing standard system? I'd be interested in the details of what you did.

http://1992-Honda-Accord.autoboardz.com/94-Ranger-Sound-System-Help-ftopict213908.html ('94 Ranger Sound System Help)
My friend has a 94 ford ranger, and until today the sound system has worked completely fine. today he turned his truck off (while the radio was still on) and then turned the ignition back to 'on' so he could continue listening to music. but now there is no sound from any speakers. the radio come..
The fuses you checked deal with power being supplied to the radio itself. These fuses are obviously okay because you say the radio comes on and displays the station setting. Your radio is sufferin..

http://1992-Honda-Accord.autoboardz.com/window-lever-removal-problems-ftopict248313.html (window lever removal problems)
I am changing the sound system on my 2002 accent and I can't get my window lever off. Consequently, I can't take the door pannel off so no music for me yet!!! Is the window lever press fitted??? How can I get it off?
Window cranks are held on by a spring clip. You can get a flat tool to remove the handle at most auto parts stores. -- -Mike-
The clip is behind the trim washer on the window crank. Here's how I remove them: -With the window halfway down, rotate the crank so it's pointing up. -Insert a flat-blade screwdriver from the top ..

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Joined: Jul 18, 2011
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(Msg. 2) Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:02 pm
Post subject: Re: The Sound System [Login to view extended thread Info.]

Just rolled off the lot with a brand new <a href=http://www.raysuzuki.com/vehicle/search/new/> Sx4 </a> the other day, already having problems with the sound system. Should this be a dealer issue, or something to take to the audio guys?

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